DiDiTALPiNUP.ART - Commission Requests

"BLOODYWING" Commission info

You can commission me to draw spicy/nsfw/lewd artwork for you. I'm used to draw naked ladies with and without Tentacles

Payment is always upfront

Example images

You can find me on Artists&Clients





All commissions are of private nature, no commercial projects.
You are free to share the commissioned work on social media, tagging me is encouraged but not required.

You are free to create your own prints of the work for your own personal need. Any form of resell counts as commercial use.
I have the right to reject any commission request without further explaining my reason

You'll not mint the commissioned work as NFT

Refund policy:
Already started projects grant you 70% of the original agreed price. This is to compensate my time and material
(like references, models that I paid)

Finished work will not be refunded